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Wooden poles

Narvo OÜ main products are turrned wooden poles, which good quality is ensured by raw material what is collected only from Estonian forests and over 20 years of experience as a producer of turned wooden poles.


Thanks to the capability of our machinery, our product range is very wide – we can produce poles in diameter from 50 to 200 mm and up to 6 meters in length. And according to the purpose of the pole, we can offer 3 different end treatments:

1) cut – just cut in desired length;

2) chamfered – 5-10 mm chamfer which gives a nicer look to the pole;

3) pointed – treatment which facilitates the process of installing the pole in the ground.



In our manufacturing we prefer pine as a material, because pine takes in much more impregnation compared to spruce and therefore has longer life span. Our fence poles are mainly impregnated in hazard class 4, which makes the poles very durable in wet conditions.
Narvo OÜ has always strived to meet the needs of our clients, and because of that we don’t have standard pole sizes. We offer products what the customer needs. Of course, over time, there have developed more common sizes, to which we try to hold inventory to offer more faster delivery.
Our more common fence pole sizes and their prices:
Diameter, mm Length, m pc/pack
50 1,5 336
50 1,8 336
50 2,0 336
50 2,5 336
60 1,5 238
60 1,8 238
60 2,0 238
60 2,2 238
60 2,5 238
80 2,0 143
80 2,5 143
100 2,5 90


All the products above are pointed and chamfered (P/C) and impregnated (HC4).


If You are interested in other dimension, transportation or additional information, then please contact us narvo@narvo.ee!